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Today's Featured Quotation Book

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
by John Bartlett (Compiler) and Justin Kaplan (Editor)
The name Bartlett is almost synonymous with quotes. This book is organized by author's date of birth. It includes the very obscure (quotes from Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut) and the very common (62 pages of Shakespeare quotes). Includes good indices by author and subject. [More Reference Quotation Books]

Recommended Reading

Poems: A Selection
by William Claire
A selections of poems William Claire has written, and published, over the past 40 years. [More Recommended Reading]

Today's Featured Reference Book

Merriam Webster's Biographical Dictionary
by Merriam Webster (Publisher)
Yet another biographical dictionary. This one is very general. There are no more than four or five sentences per person, but it usually is enough information to get an idea of what kind of person you are quoting. [More Other Reference Books]

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